SMP for Beards

With Multi Award Winning Master Artist Paul Clark

Beard Micropigmentation, also known as Facial Micropigmentation or Beard Tattoo SMP, is a sophisticated procedure where natural pigments are applied to the facial area, replicating the appearance of hair follicles.

How Can Beard Micropigmentation Help Me?

Beard Micropigmentation is ideal for men seeking a fuller beard, a defined stubble look, or a solution to patchiness and scars. It boosts self-esteem, ensures a consistent beard appearance, and reduces the impact of facial hair loss.

This non-invasive treatment offers long-lasting results, enhancing facial aesthetics and providing a well-groomed look with minimal maintenance.

Treatment Overview

Treatment Duration

2-6 hours

No. of Sessions




Results Duration

2-5 Years

Full Recovery

10 Days



Frequently Asked Questions

The Beard Micropigmentation process involves applying natural pigments to the facial area in a series of sessions. Each session builds upon the last, creating a natural-looking density and coverage.

The results will be visible immediately after the first session, and the final look achieved in just a few appointments.

Yes, when performed by a trained professional, the procedure is safe and complications are very rare.

For some clients, getting Beard Micropigmentation may feel like no more than a minor annoyance. For others, it can cause moderate discomfort.

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